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> > The people who are looking for the "spiritually hip" 
> kind of an oxymoron. I wanna be "spiritual" but my ego 
> needs to feel "hip".

I tend to agree, but it's a factor to be dealt 
with out there in the olde spiritual smorgasbord.

My point is that -- among the ones doing the 
shopping -- TM is considered pretty much the 
most pedestrian, least interesting, and least
viable of the many spiritual paths. If you talk
to people who are cruising the lectures and the
bookstores in search of enlightenment or even a 
little peace these days, you'll find that for
most of them learning TM is considered pretty 
much the last resort, a fallback position if 
nothing else works out for them. I've actually
heard the phrase, "Well, you can always learn
TM," followed by group laughter at the idea of
some poor schmoe who is so out of it that the 
only thing he could learn is TM.

I'm not saying it *should* be -- I actually think
that plain vanilla TM is more beneficial than many
of the things considered "hipper" -- but that's
the way it is. I just think that the people who 
still think it's widely respected should get out 

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