--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mar 24, 2006, at 10:24 AM, anon_astute_ff wrote:
> > And while I am not saying it will happen, my point is that its 
quite a
> > closed mind to say absolutely that it is outside the realm of
> > possibilities that some decent number of the top 2-3% of society 
> > be going to SV centers to learn TM.
> It's also rather naive to think that the top 2-3% of society-- 
> arguably the most sophisticated "shoppers" and consumers--would 
> see through the 20,000+ USD it would take to get the TM technique  
> it's not-so-advanced TM "advanced techniques" and the TM$P. It 
> not take a great deal of savy in the Spiritual Supermarket to know  
> that you could get a lot more for a lot less than what TM programs  
> cost--even if the prices were significantly reduced. Also the 
> of spiritual naivete on 'things eastern' is much less than it was 
> TM's hayday. It is likely the level of understanding will only  
> increase in the future, further lessening the palatability of 'be-
> and end-all' meditation techniques sold as a fast-track to  
> enlightenment.
> And hasn't the main influx in Neo-Hindu meditation *already* 
> to SSRS's empire--including the top 2-3%?

Really? SSRS has how many trained teachers in how many places in the 
world? Tucson, AZ, one of the smallest "large cities" inthe USA has a 
recertified couple, who have just signed the lease for their new SV-
compliant Maharishi Center (not palace), and are teaching TM 
regularly. FOr anyone seriouslyinterested in TM who can't afford it, 
they can point them tothe CitiBank loans and/or David Lynch's 
foundation. And MMY may provide auxiliary services to those who want 
them, such as Ayurveda and SV design, etc., but there is no 
requirement that anyone participate in such services.

BTW, why do you call SSRS or by implication, TM, Neo-Hindu meditation?

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