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> > > So I'd be willing to bet that we'll see a lot of
> > > "bail-outs" among the Rajas as soon as Maharishi dies.
> > > These people didn't pay a million bucks to sit around
> > > and do the down-and-dirty daily work of running a 
> > > large international organization. They paid a million
> > > bucks to get to spend some time around a dying spirit-
> > > ual teacher, and to get a lot of attention. As soon
> > > as they're not getting that attention any more, they'll
> > > start to look elsewhere for it.  Mark my words.
> > 
> > It's certainly a plausible scenario, if you ignore the fact 
> > that every one of these guys has a track record of loyalty 
> > to the TMO already, as far as I know.
> No, every one of these guys has a track record of 
> loyalty to *Maharishi*. The TMO is not Maharishi.
> Subtract Maharishi from the equation, and I'd be
> willing to bet that many of these guys' theoretical
> "loyalty to the TMO" will be non-existent.

The TMO isn't MMY, but you can't be loyal to MMY
without also being loyal to the TMO, because that's
what MMY wants.

> You don't pay a million bucks and wear silly costumes
> because you're loyal to an organization, Lawson. You
> do it because you're a sold-out bhakti who is hoping
> to buy a few more hits of darshan before your teacher 
> croaks. Once he does, why stick around?

However, there's also loyalty to MMY's teaching,
which can be sustained independently of darshan,
for its own sake.  As long as those who have some
loyalty to the teaching perceive the TMO to be that
which maintains and preserves the teaching--whatever
the TMO's faults--there's a reason for them to stay 
loyal to the TMO, darshan or no darshan.

Also, I wouldn't automatically count King Tony out
as a new provider of darshan after MMY dies.

> I think that there will be a few who will stick
> around, and who will make a show of running the TM
> organization.

What else can MMY do at this point but ensure
there's a small cadre who will stick around for a
while?  The TMO would be *guaranteed* to go down
the tubes when he's no longer around otherwise.

This way, there's at least a chance King Tony, or
whoever picks up the reins, can find ways to keep
the rajas motivated.  To say some will stick around
is, in fact, to endorse the way MMY has set up the
transition.  That's what the whole raja thing was
designed to do.  Unless MMY has some supernatural
tricks up his sleeve, he's done the most effective
thing he *can* do to keep the TMO going.  Whether
it's enough remains to be seen.

 And I think that the organization will 
> last at best five years, and then go under, as the
> full extent of how much money has been stolen from
> it and has disappeared into India becomes public.
> Call me cynical, but that's my prediction.

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