I completely and totally disagree with this assessment. Even though I
do not personally like Bevan, there are very very very very few people
who could work at the level and pace he has as consistently as he has
for as long as he has.

Case in point of someone who succesfully segued from the upper
echelons of the TM org. is Vesey Crichton. Do a google search on his
name and see what you come up with. Here's one site to get you started.

I think there are countless international organizations who would pay
a vast fortune to have Bevan, with his vast vast knowledge of the
globe who has dealt with the world and it's leadership at the level he

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> In a message dated 3/25/06 11:25:31 A.M. Central Standard Time,  
> In what  sense has Bevan Morris never held a job? Would you care to 
> elaborate, or  do you prefer to go on spouting this kind of nonsense
> I won't say Bevan doesn't work or even work hard, but does he  have any 
> marketable skills? Could he leave the TM movement today and make it
on  his own? 
> Could he work for a big company in the same capacity he does for the
 TMO or 
> would he end up in some warehouse driving a forklift? It's kind of 
> to think what people working for the TMO would be doing if it were 
not for the 
> TMO.

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