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> But honest question: at  2.5 times the weight when you were 
> when working out, and presumably mid to late 50s, you still had
> inumerable 18 year old college women wanting to go out with you? The
> 55+ is a bit hard to swallow, but the 300+ lb (140 x 2.5 = 350) body
> makes it even harder. Hot younger women I know don't even like 30 year
> olds who are 50% over target weight.

51 actually. I'm told that I would still look 10-15 years younger than my age 
(looked about 
20ish at 35) if I lost the weight.

> As someone I heard in high school about a junior guy dating one of the
> most popular senior girls "He must either have a really smooth line,
> or a huge d*ck."

Heh. I once was visiting a coffee house about 2am sitting with some younger 
guys and 
girls. One of them drooled over the two nude dancers who  wandered in after 
(wearing hotpants and halters), stating that he would LOVE to grab those tight 
asses. I 
chuckled and offered to go grab them. Everyone laughed at me, so I got up, went 
over and 
said hi to both of them, gently massaged their shoulders for a few minutes, 
after which 
they both struck a pose, sticking their butts out as far as possible. I then 
grabbed them 
and they turned around and both gave me big hugs.

When I got back to my table, everyone stared at me and I had to admit that I'd 
been giving 
both of them back rubs for the past 6 months after work. All I had to do was 
say to them 
that I had been dared to grab their asses so why didn't I give them a massage 
for a couple 
of minutes and then grab their asses in order to freak out my friends.

If that's what you call a smooth line, then yeah, I had a smooth line.

Now, I'm not interested in relationships/sex with nude dancers OR 20-year-old 
students, so I may not get  the same reacton from chatting to lovely women than 
guys who 
actually want to screw them do, but I'm pretty sure that the women who  hang 
with me 
constantly are trying to hint about *something* since they know I'm straight. 
preference is for one or more 30+, attractive, very-high-IQ women looking for 
relationships, and THOSE women, I have a very hard time meeting given my work 
and that I don't tell  them that I'm finacially solvent despite not working. 
The younger 
women are easy to meet, at least for me and they appear to be easy enough to 
meet for 
guys my age who ARE looking for "young meat."

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