On Mar 25, 2006, at 5:26 PM, a_non_moose_ff wrote:

> I didn't see the whole thing, but a fair amount. Overall it looked
> great. A wonderful intro lecture.
> I didn't hear any of the 1000 smart, internet savy student attendees,
> who did btw mention reseraching TM before coming, mention anything
> about kings, crowns or damn dmocracy. Those that hold this will kill
> any new student participation apparently aren't watch videos like  
> today.
> btw, Bobby Roth is a walking advertisment. He looks the same as 30
> years ago.

What concerned me, in discussion of the Vedic studies program, is  
that what they are saying is simply not true. Much of what they are  
describing is simply NOT "Vedic"--a word very loosely bandied about-- 
or is simply insupportable. Now if any of these poor people enter the  
Vedic study program and move on to other institutions they're going  
to be in for a shock, because they are going to find out they've been  
fed a bunch of lies. It's like doctor Pete has described where they  
cut-and-pasted lectures of visiting scholars *so much* that it  
reverses the message the person was conveying. Imagine a curriculum  
based on that type of environment and that is what I expect these  
poor kids will get--peppered with a lot of quantum bullshit. Very  
slick presentation though!

I remember when institutions of "higher learning" actually tried to  
teach the truth.

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