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Resume:  president of a small private college for 20 years with
hundreds of  mentions in national magazines and TV shows, etc.

Yeah, forklift  operator material, right.
Would you say that private college was successful? I mean could it have lasted as long as it has without a world wide movement backing it every year pouring tons of money into it.

And sucking tons out of it.

Do you think Bevan could go on to preside over another college, maybe a step upwards, like a state run university? By the way, what are Bevan's degrees in?

He has a degree in philosophy from Cambridge. I think he was top in his class. I don’t know whether that is a BA or an MA. His Ph.D. Is from MMY.

Based upon what I know about Bevan which I admit is very little, I picture the man in some lower to middle management position with some large company. Maybe like in charge of human resources, i.e. personnel dept. Not a bad place to be!

Don’t you have to be good with people to be in HR?

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