Although personally (except for maybe 30 years ago when he just seemed
like an overworked nice guy) I am not fond of Bevan, an astute
recruiter would find these facts out about Bevan and be able to place
him according to these facst, all fo which are true. 

He has helped run, if not being nearly totally in charge-Executive
Management--of a global organization with 100+ national leaders (or
however many there are) then state/time-zone/regional directors and
teachers at local levels (what would this amount to-having 20-30,000
people under you). And he has done this for nearly 30 years. 

Been president of a university with all the responsibilities that go
along with it.

Organized, orchestrated, hosted International and National Conferences
all over the world, many of which have been attended by the top
thinkers of our time in nearly all areas of concern.

Made umpteen decisions, most of which we probably know absolutely
nothing about, that affected the *bottom line*-probably decisions
totalling in the billions of dollars.

These are no small things and someone who deals with the upper upper
echelon of people in the corporate world would be amazed to see the
accomplishments of this person called Bevan who so many here like to
put down for various reasons. I don't like him and his way of doing
things, but I stand in awe of just how capable he is and for how many
years he has constently functioned at this level.

--- In, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> on 3/25/06 5:16 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > In a message dated 3/25/06 12:07:34 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
> >> Morris  is a very smart guy and could probably have made a
fortune had he
> >> chosen  to go into business.
> >> 
> > This  may very well be. But my original question is what
marketable skills
> > does Bevan have? Attorney, business management, teaching skills,
> > etc. that somebody would actually pay him for. I'm not being
critical of the
> > man, I sincerely wanting to know what  are his skills other than
being devoted
> > to M and doing what he is told to do and having lots of staff that
do have
> > skills such as attorneys  and business managers to help him.
> > 
> He has a brilliant mind and is an articulate public speaker, if you
like his
> style. But he has a reputation for being a fear-based manager, and for
> firing people who express any tendency to think independently.
Perhaps he
> thinks he¹s ³in tune with Maharishi¹s thinking² in that respect.

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