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> > I seem to recall, after the whole affair blew over, Bevan 
> > said something to the effect that that these people were 
> > trying to undermine our accreditation efforts and sabotage 
> > the image of the school before the wider world.
> > 
> > You have to understand, we were *all about* proselytizing, 
> > hence the coats and ties. Anything that distracted from 
> > that clean-cut, mainstream image was strictly off the 
> > program. So this gay rights plea on the day the school 
> > was to be inspected by the outside academic world seemed 
> > like an averted catastrophe. (The posters were taken down 
> > right away, of course.)
> Forget the gay thing...what you have just described
> is the entire history of the TM movement from Day
> One -- pretense and hiding its normality in the 
> closet,

Not from Day One. Maybe from Month Two or so.

And I know a number of people who just did TM and remained quite
counter-culture, counter-pretense.

> followed by panic, paranoia and persecuation 
> when the closet door is thrown open and all-too-
> normal interiors of the closet are revealed. 
> It doesn't matter whether the pretense was about TM
> having so negative side effects, or about TM marriages
> never failing, or about no one in TM communities ever
> committing suicide or seeing shrinks, or about every-
> body being straight. 
> Whatever the specifics were, the bottom line was always
> the same -- pretense. Pretending that the actuality of 
> the life of a TMer conformed to Maharishi's claims of 
> what the life of a TMer should be. And woe be unto him 
> who pulls back the curtain on that pretense and reveals
> it for what it is.

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