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> > There was a fascinating show on TV the other day (20/20?  I 
> > which one...) and, apparently, research conclusively shows that 
> > you are male, the more older brothers you have, the greater the 
> > probability that you will be gay.
> > 
> > One of the theories given for this on the show is (and I hope I 
> > representing this correctly) is that the XY chromosome which is
> > what distinguishes a male from a female (women are XX) is 
> > a "foreign" substance to a woman when she is carrying a male 
> > in her womb.
> > As a result, her body secretes a kind of "antibody" to counter-
> > this foreign substance each time she carries a male child and, 
> > time, this builds up.  And this antibody will diminish 
> > the "maleness" of the XY and increase the feminine qualities of 
> > male child.
> I'm a bit skeptical of this as stated, depending on
> what is meant by "feminine qualities."  Sounds as
> though this theory is based on a stereotype of gay
> men.  Many of them aren't the least bit "feminine"
> except in that they find other men more sexually
> attractive than they do women.
> How would you measure scientifically the degree of
> "feminine qualities" in a male?  If it's just a matter
> of outward appearance and how well it conforms to
> social notions of what is masculine and what is
> feminine, a lot of gay men wouldn't fit the theory
> at all.

It could be that I am misrepresenting the findings by the use of the 
language that I employ.  It would probably be better if you were to 
visit the links and transcripts that Vaj posted on this thread.

> And how would you account for lesbians, among whom
> there is also a range from masculine-appearing to
> feminine-appearing?

Don't know except that lesbianism should be encouraged at every 
possible juncture of human experience.

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