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> Study: Maharishi Ayur Veda Reduces Toxic Chemicals
> Banned PCBs and agrochemicals in blood reduced 50 percent by 
> detoxification procedure.
> Study published in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of Alternative 
Therapies in
> Health and Medicine, Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. 93-103.
> Banned PCBs and Agrochemicals in Blood Reduced 50 Percent
> By Centuries-Old Detoxification Procedure, Study  Shows
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> "The issue of possible human health effects of persistent 
> substances is an ongoing concern and area of important scientific
> investigation. This report has implications for the mobilization 
of and
> clearance of persistent fat-soluble xenobiotics and could serve as 
> stepping-stone towards randomized controlled trials on the 
efficacy of these
> methods." - Laurence Fuortes, M.D., Professor, College of Public 
> University of Iowa
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Toxic occupational and agricultural chemicals that are stored in 
> body-and known to cause disease-can be significantly reduced by an 
> detoxification procedure, according to a report released today.
> The study, published in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of Alternative 
> in Health and Medicine, found that a centuries-old purification  
> derived from the Ayurvedic medical system of India reduced several
> fat-soluble toxicants by about 50 percent.
> "This is the first published study on humans to demonstrate that a 
> detoxification regimen can significantly reduce levels of 
> toxicants in the blood that are known to be associated with 
disease," says
> Robert Herron, Ph.D., lead author of the study and Director of 
Research at
> the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi
> University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.
> Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Comparisons
> The study consisted of two parts: a cross-sectional comparison and 
> longitudinal pre- and post-treatment.
> Eighty-eight subjects, age 45 years and older, participated in the
> cross-sectional study: 48 had previously undergone the 
> procedure an average of 18 times and 40 had not. Blood samples 
from both
> groups were sent to the Analytical Laboratory  in the Department of
> Environmental Health at Colorado State University that was blind 
to the
> treatment status of the subjects.
> PCBs and Pesticides Found in Blood Samples
> Blood samples from both cross-sectional groups were assayed for 17
> lipophilic toxicants, including 9 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) 
> and 8 pesticides and metabolites, such as DDE, a by-product of 
DDT. The
> specific PCBs and pesticides that were studied either had been 
> linked to major health problems or have been of high concern for 
> potential toxicity.
> The results showed blood levels of PCBs and several pesticides were
> significantly lower in the detoxification group than in the 
> Herron says that lipophilic toxicants are generally considered to 
be among
> the most problematic environmental contaminants and many of them 
have been
> banned in the U.S. for decades. Because of their fat-soluble 
nature and
> their long half-lives, they  tend to accumulate in plants and 
animals and
> bio-magnify up the food chain, increasing in humans with age. 
> studies show that these toxicants have been associated with hormone
> disruption, immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, 
several types
> of cancer, and other diseases.
> Lipophil-mediated Detoxification Procedure
> In the longitudinal study, blood samples from 15 subjects who 
> in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (MVAH) Ayurvedic 
> procedure were assayed, pre- and post-treatment, by CSU's 
> Laboratory.
> Ayurveda dates back thousands of years in India and is recognized 
by the
> World Health Organization as a complete system of natural 
medicine.  However,
> due to several foreign invasions over the centuries, it has been 
slowly, but
> substantially altered. Starting in 1984, Ayurveda was restored and
> standardized in accordance with the classical texts of India under 
> direction of a leading Vedic scholar, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the 
founder of
> Maharishi University of Management and world-renowned for 
introducing the
> Transcendental MeditationĀ® technique.
> Striking Reductions in PCBs and Beta-HCH Levels
> The results of the two-month longitudinal study showed that PCBs 
> Beta-HCH levels were reduced by 46 percent and 58 percent 
respectively in
> the MVAH detoxification group. Without this intervention, the 
expected drop
> in PCBs and Beta-HCH over two months would be only a fraction of 
> percent. Previously, no method had been scientifically verified to 
> levels of  these lipid-soluble toxicants in the human body without 
> negative side effects.
> How Lipophil-mediated Detoxification May Work
> Lipophilic toxicants are stored in lipids, or fats, in the body, 
and are
> fat-soluble in nature. Several modalities in the Maharishi Vedic 
Approach to
> Health detoxification procedure use non-toxic, lipophilic 
materials, such as
> clarified butter in the oleation phase and herbalized sesame oil 
in the
> massage and enema treatments. These traditional methods are 
believed to
> sequentially loosen and remove lipid soluble toxicants from their 
> sites and stimulate their excretion.
> "Our findings were quite striking, given that the half-lives of 
> toxicants are all  several years in duration, and that this 
> detoxification procedure removed them in just a few days." says 
> PCBs and Pesticide Levels Still High
> Herron says an alarming finding of the study was that PCB and DDE 
> appear to be unexpectedly high in the general population, and may 
> be increasing.
> "These toxicants were banned decades ago and were assumed to be 
declining to
> negligible levels in the U.S. population. Our findings, however, 
> that they are still entering the food chain and appear to be 
increasing in
> humans. One possible explanation is that produce imported to the 
U.S. from
> Mexico and Latin America may contain banned toxicants since these 
> chemicals are still widely used for agriculture in those 
countries," says
> Herron.
> Reference: Alternative Therapies  in Health and Medicine, 
(Sept./Oct. 2002),
> Vol. 8, No. 5: pp. 93-103.
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