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> > > > Thanks, Lawson, very interesting stuff.  I learned
> > > > something new.
> > > >
> > > 
> > > If you want to see what a REAL contact juggler looks like, 
> > this 
> > > guy out. He pretty much perfected the art. He and Penn Jillette 
> > > Penn & Teller were street magicians back when they were kids:
> > > 
> > > http://www.michaelmoschen.com/press.html
> > 
> > Aah, all his videos are Macromedia Flash, which I haven't
> > installed.  Later, maybe.
> > 
> I'll see if I can find some QT movies or av's.

Anything but Qucktime.  I won't have it on my system.

 He's quite a sight. PBS used to use one of his 
> videos for fund-raising I think.

Love to see it if you could find an mpg or something.

> > I have the sense that he may be missing what it is
> > about juggling that thrills the audience.  It's that
> > you can't believe what you're seeing.  The thing is,
> > there aren't any *gradations* beyond that.  It's
> > either, Oh, I could do that if I worked at it, or,
> > Oh, my God, that's *impossible*, *nobody* can do
> > what he's doing!
> > 
> > And once you get beyond the "I could do that" level
> > to the "Nobody can do that" level, the layperson
> > isn't going to be any more impressed by the world's
> > best juggler than by Chris Bliss.  That's as impressed
> > as s/he can *get*.
> > 
> > If Chris Bliss were swaggering around claiming to be
> > the world's best juggler, that would warrant Garfield's
> > scorn, but if he isn't, tough beans.  World-class
> > jugglers need to realize they're only working to impress
> > other jugglers.  It's just the nature of the beast.
> > 
> > Or so it seems to me.
> I think you're right. In _Stranger in a Strange Land_, Valentine 
> Michael puts on a REAL magic show in a carnival, but everyone yawns 
> because he doesnt know how to relate to the audience. I once saw 
> Doug Henning use a $50 magic trick and wow an audience for 15 
> minutes with his patter at one of the World Peace Assemblies. The 
> difference between a showman and an "artiste" I guess though Doug 
> was an artiste also.

I don't even think it's the showmanship, although that
certainly helps.  It's just that you look at the balls
or whatever and don't believe it's humanly possible to
throw and catch them like that.  Somebody with no
showmanship whatsoever could stand there and do what
Chris Bliss did and I'd be totally snowed.

In that sense, juggling is easier than it looks.  But
at Bliss's level of skill, to the layperson, it looks
impossible--and there just aren't any further levels
of difficulty than impossible.

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