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> on 4/1/06 8:14 AM, authfriend at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > There are too many eyewitness accounts of the plane
> > striking the Pentagon for this theory to be credible.
> > There's also been a great deal of expert debunking of
> > the Thierry book (which is what the article at the link
> > is about).
> Some eye-witnesses thought they saw a smaller private jet flying
> into the Pentagon. Others thought they saw a rocket. Surveillance 
> videos from local gas stations were confiscated immediately after the 
> incident and never divulged.

Yes, I know.  People think they see lots of different
things; eyewitness testimony is rarely completely
consistent.  However, if you go over all the eyewitness
accounts, there were a whole bunch of people who were
absolutely firm about having seen a big passenger jet,
not a rocket or a private jet, right up close and personal.
One of them was in the car behind a car that had a light
pole land on it when the wing of the jet clipped the pole
coming in.

You'll always find outliers, eyewitnesses who saw
something different from most others.

That the surveillance videos were confiscated doesn't
somehow prove it wasn't a plane, of course.  It may not
even be suspicious at all.  This administration has a
long history of keeping stuff secret that has no need
to be secret.

And as I suggested, it *may* be being withheld because
releasing it would put all the conspiracy theories
about its being a rocket or whatever to rest, and then
these folks would start looking more closely at other
material the government *really* doesn't want them 

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