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> > > > All I said was that there were anomalies significant
> > > > enough for there to be investigations *to see if there
> > > > had been* any wrongdoing, in response to your attempt
> > > > to pooh-pooh the idea that there had been any such
> > > > anomalies.
> > > 
> > > [snip]
> > > 
> > > Am I missing something here?
> > > 
> > > I got the distinct impression, Judy, that you were alluding to 
> some 
> > > sinister, mischievious, conspiratorial misdeeds on the part of 
> some 
> > > unnamed Americans -- probably Bush and company.
> > > 
> > > Were you not?
> > 
> > Nope.
> You weren't?
> Gee, Judy, let's all take a look at what you wrote in message 93096 
> when we were all discussing the 9/11 videos (which we can all agree 
> is about laying at least SOME blame of 9/11 on some unnamed 
> Americans or Bush and company).

Yeah, but we weren't discussing the video, Shemp.  Go
back and look.

> You wrote about the "real dirt" which you thought existed": "And I 
> think there is some", you wrote.  You continued: "The most glaring 
> evidence that something funny was going on is what happened on the 
> stock market in the days before the attack.  I haven't seen anybody 
> even attempt to make a case that that was benign."
> Well, Judy, the "real dirt" you alluded to was NOT that terrorists 
> were behind the trading. That isn't "real dirt"...everyone knew the 
> terrorists flew the planes into buildings.  And, of course, the 
> context of the discussion was conspiracy theory and that video,

It was conspiracy theory, but not that video.  And
if you'll recall, I was suggesting that the conspiracy
theories about controlled demolition and a missile
hitting the Pentagon were distractions, possibly
encouraged by disinformation.

The video came into the discussion later on, *after*
I'd brought up the stock market thing.

> theme of which wasn't to remind us of Muslim terrorists being part 
> of 9/11 -- everyone knows THAT -- but that some unnamed Americans 
> were behind it.
> THAT is what you, Judy, with your own words were alluding to and I 
> dare you now to say otherwise.

Oh, I say otherwise, unequivocally.

> If you weren't alluding to that, what WERE you referring to with 
> your word about the "real dirt"?

You just quoted what I wrote, Shemp.  Obviously
what I was referring to was that the stock anomalies
appeared to indicate that somebody knew about the
attacks in advance.  I never said or implied anything
more than that.  I never suggested the traders in
question were behind the attacks.  You made that up.

> You should also now admit that you were incorrect when you said 
> that you hadn't seen anybody even attempt to make a case that that 
> was benign because you now have: Anon reproduced the well-cited 
> snopes article that shows you it was benign.
> So you were wrong.

Heehee.  No, Shemp, I was absolutely correct when I said
I hadn't seen anybody even attempt to make a case.

> And you missed the mark when you wrote: "On the other hand, it's 
> usually just mentioned in passing as one of the 'unanswered 
> questions.'  I'm unaware of anyone who is seriously trying to dig
> up information on it."
> Well, you stand corrected now, don't you, Judy, because you have 
> now seen it.

Note that I never said nobody *had*, only that I was
unaware of anyone having done so.  I don't choose my
words at random, Shemp.

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