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> Let's see how the TMO gets out of the MUM campus murder 
> I guess that David O.J. would not count settling out of court as 
> counting against the TMO.  Indedependent website, my ass.  Someone 
> told him to do it, you can be sure......Maybe to get back into the 
> fold, because, after all, he and Rhoda were suddenly kicked out of 
> Fairfield as were Lenny and Leslie Goldman.  
> What happened there?


The people you name here were simply no longer needed, most likely. 
Goldman never had an Iowa license to practice law (which is why he 
was listed as general counsel, a position that does not require one 
to be a lawyer -- unlike MUM legal counsel Bill Goldstein, who is a 
licensed lawyer), so when MUM was paring down staff, he was a 
logical candidate to go. 

David and Rhoda worked in psychology and lit, both of which depts 
don't see a lot of students anymore -- new MUM students are doing 
computer science and biz, so the O-Js were also no longer needed -- 
doesn't mean they were persona non grata. Like Jon Shear, who left 
MIU when they dumped the philosophy major, it was just a matter of 
no longer supplying skills that a smaller school needed. Shear is a 
prof at Virginia Commonwealth University, and has a new book out:


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