Vaj wrote:
> > Surely you must be jesting, Vaj. Wilber co-authored 'Spiritual
> > Choices' with Dick Anthony and you're saying that he probably
> > never heard the 'dirty lowdown' on Marshy? 
> >
> We don't know if he did or did not.
If you had read the book, you would know. Wilber mentions the 'dirty
lowdown' on the Marshy in 'Spiritual Choices'. When are you going to
read it?

> Given that most of the lowdown on the TMO is shrouded in 
> secrecy and often only accessible to an inner core of followers, 
> I'd be surprised if he did.
I'd say that if Wilber, the author of dozens of books, including one
with Dick Anthony and one with Peter Russell, once practiced TM and
that if his parents currently practice TM, that probably Wilber knows
more than you do about the TMO and the Marshy. 

> This list is certainly an example where secret material, some
> negative,  filters out even to the surprise of old and close
> students of M. 
Are you suggesting that Wilber hasn't read the archives of Usenet or
Yahoo! before he writes his books?

> Unlike people like Adi Da or Rajneesh there really hasn't been 
> an big expose on M. and the movement. 
> Go figure.
I figure that Wilber knows more than you do about this subject. 

> They are very good at controlling information and of course, 
> selling it.
Sounds like you've got a strong bias against the Marshy, so your
anecdotes, stories, and comments would hardly be worth considering. On
the other hand, Wilber seems to be a acknowledged authority. I'm sure
that if Wilber thought something was 'low'down' about the Marshy he'd
probably be reporting it. Wilber certainly doesn't hesitate to
describe some of the 'low down' things about the Adi Da and the Osho.

> > > It's important to admire the diamonds in this life...but it's
> > > also important to see the shit they're embedded in...
> > >
> > So, you're saying that Wilber's parents practice TM, but Wilber
> > doesn't see the 'shit they're embedded in'? Go figure.
> >
> > You are supposed to read the book BEFORE you make your comments.
> If I wanted to know what he thought, I'd read something more 
> recent, the book you're referencing is 20 years old.
So you haven't read all of Wilber's books, not even the most important
ones. Go figure.

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