Vaj wrote:
> It's very ubiquitous.
So, you're saying that many other temples in India, not just
Brahmanand's headquarters matha at Sringeri, practice a meditation
similar to TM and that the use of some TM bija mantras is widespread.

> Sri Vidya is not the only source of bija mantras.
So, you don't agree with Mr. Perino that there are no temples in all
of India that practice a meditation technique similar to TM and use TM
bija mantras. Mr. Perino, who is obviously not a pundit, seems to be
unaware of the fact that Shankaracharya practiced a meditation
technique similar to TM and used TM bija mantras in his sadhana and
cited them when he composed the Saundaryalari.

> > Because the Sri Vidya is a secret tantric sect - it's not
> > available to non-initiates. Only insiders like Marshy know 
> > much about the bija mantras they use at Sringeri - Marshy 
> > was taught them by his master, Swami Brahmanand Saraswati 
> > over the course of thirteen years in the Himalayas. This 
> > has all been confirmed by Swami Rama - don't you read books?
> >
> It was actually from a conversation with Sw. Rama that I found out  
> that Mahesh was one of the leading suspects in the murder of Swami  
> Brahmananda.
It's common knowledge all over India that the Swami Rama was a big
liar - he was never appointed to be a Shankaracharya. And Mahesh has
never been a suspect in any murder case in India - if he was, we could
all read about it in the Indian press, could we not? Newspapers over
there don't seem to be averse to publishing the 'low down' about such
incidents. In fact, it hasn't even been established that anyone was
murdered, if you are referring to Swami Brahmanand, who died of
natural causes.

> Sw. Rama's teaching on meditation probably most closely  
> resembles Swami Brahmananda's own practice, not TM.
Swami Rama's meditation teaching IS the TM technique, just like
Yogananda, Muktananda, and countless other meditation teachers in the
dhyana yoga tradition. There's only one transcendental absolute, Vaj.

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