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> on 4/5/06 11:20 AM, Richard J. Williams at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Vaj wrote: 
> >> I was thinking of more recent material and comment like
> >> seen here over the last several years.
> >> 
> > The information here sucks, big time. If all you've got is a few
> > emails from ex-Marshy skin boys, then you've really got nothing. 
> > boys don't know Jack. If insiders like Rick and Mark, who have 
> > years inside the TMO, don't have the dirty lowdown, then probably
> > nobody has it. That is, unless Rick and Mark were never really 
> > the TMO in the first place. In order to be inside the TMO you'd 
> > to be inside the big house at Vlodrop inside the Marshy's bedroom.
> Like Jennifer, Judith, Linda, Angie, etc., etc.

Well, Maharishi, was born the same year, as President Kennedy(1917)...
And we'll never know all the details of his life, or the 
organisations, he was involved with, or were involved with him.

Some revelations should be revealed at sometime in the future, when 
Jackie Kennedy's writings are revealed.

But Maharishi doesn't have a Jackie in his life;
His Jackie is Guru Dev...
It's a different culture.

He didn't grow up in Brooklyn, or Boston, we have to remember that.
And his experiences of the sixties might be different then what we 

Who really knows anything, about anything, really..
When it comes to the internal workings of a person, an organization,
or even a wife or husband.

Anyone ever hear of Maya...

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