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> > anon_astute_ff wrote:
> >> If it is not available to non-initiates how would mahesh
> >> know this information?
> >> 
> > By getting himself initiated into the tantric tradition and then
> > studying with his master for thirteen years?
> > 
> >> Does his name contain Saraswati?
> >> 
> > Sure, it's Bal, the name given to Mahesh when he was initiated by 
> > Dev. 
> Doesn't "Bal" mean "boy" - Bal Brahmachari means life celibate, or 
so I
> understood.

I think it depends on whether that's "Hindi truncation" for
Sanskrit "bala" or "baala" ( = bAla). Below are all the meanings in 
Cologne Digital for both of those words. I've forgot which
one is correct in that case:

1 bala n. (or m. g. %{ardharcA7di}) power , strength , might , 
vigour , force , validity RV. &c. &c. (%{balAt} , `" forcibly , 
against one's will , without being able to help it "' ; also = %
{bala} ibc. , or %{balena} , %{bala-tas} , with gen. or ifc. , `" by 
force , by the power or on the strength or in virtue or by means of , 
by "') ; force or power of articulation , TUP. ; force considered as 
a sixth organ of action (cf. %{karme7ndriya}) MBh. ; (the Buddhists 
reckon 10 forces , the ascetic S3aivas four , which according to Sch. 
on R. [B.] are %{sAman} , %{dAna} , %{bheda} , and %{nigraha}) ; 
Force personified as one of the Visve Deva1h2 MBh. ; power of , 
expertness in (loc.) Nal. ; stoutness , bulkiness L. ; (also pl. ; 
ifc. f. %{A}) military force , troops , an army Mn. MBh. &c. ; (L. 
also shape ; body ; semen virile ; gum ; blood ; a young shoot ; 
bone) ; m. a crow MBh. ; Crataeva Roxburghii L. ; half-ripe barley 
L. ; N. of a demon conquered by Indra (the brother of Vr2itra , in 
older texts %{vala}) RV. &c. &c. ; of an elder brother of Kr2ishn2a 
(also called Bala-deva , Balabhadra , Bala-ra1ma &c.) MBh. Pur. ; cf. 
IW. 332 &c. ; (with Jainas) a white Bala or elder brother of 
Va1sudeva (9 in number , viz. Acala , Vijaya , Bhadra , Su-prabha , 
Su-daris3ana , A1nanda , Nandana , Padma , and Ra1ma) ; N. of a son 
of Varun2a and brother of Sura1 MBh. ; of an attendant on Skanda 
ib. ; of a son of An3giras ib. ; of a son of Parikshit ib. ; of a son 
of Parija1tra BhP. ; of a son of Kr2ishn2a ib. ; of a lexicographer 
(also written %{vala}) Naish. Sch. ; of a horse of the Moon VP. ; (%
{A}) f. Sida Cordifolia Sus3r. (du. the plants Bala1 and Ati-bala1 
ib.) ; N. of a partic. charm R. Ragh. (cf. %{ati-b-}) ; the youngest 
sister in a drama L. ; N. of a daughter of Daksha R. ; of a daughter 
of Raudra1s3va Hariv. ; of a female divinity who executes the orders 
of the 17th Arhat of the present Avasarpin2i1 L. ; of a peasant girl 
Lalit. ; (%{bala4}) n. = %{vala4} , a cavern AV. ; mfn. strong , 
robust L. ; sick (= %{amin}) L. [Cf. Lat. {valere} , {valor} &c.] 

2 bAla mf(%{A})n. (cf. %{vAla}) young , childish , infantine , not 
full-grown or developed (of per. sons and things) Gr2S. Up. Mn. MBh. 
&c. ; newly risen , early (as the sun or its rays) Ragh. ; new or 
waxing (as the moon) ib. Kum. ; puerile , ignorant , simple , foolish 
Mn. Hariv. Ka1v. ; pure (as an animal fit for sacrifice) L. ; m.a 
child , boy (esp. one under 5 years) Mn. MBh. &c. ; (in law) a minor 
(minors are classified as %{kunAra} , or boys under 5 years of age , %
{zizu} under 8 , %{pogaNDa} from the 5th to the end of the 9th or 
till the 16th year , and %{kizora} from the 10th to the 16th year) ; 
a fool , simpleton Mn. Pan5cat. ; any young animal L. ; a colt , foal 
L. ; a five years old elephant L. ; Cypriuus Denticulatus or Rohita 
L. ; N. of a Rakshas VP. ; of a prince Ra1jat. ; (%{A}) f. a female 
child , girl , young woman (esp. one under 16 years) Mn. MBh. &c. ; a 
one year old cow L. ; small cardamoms L. ; Aloe Indica L. ; a kind of 
metre L. ; a partic. mystical prayer Cat. ; N. of the mother of 
Va1lin and Su-griva (said to have been formed by Praja1-pati out of 
some dust which had fallen into his eyes) R. ; n. Andropogon 
Muricatus L. ; heat L. 

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