the four classes
economy talk, 21.3.06 
MAHARISHI:  ...Jyotish is the field of determining who will do 
what.  And today this slogan `all men are equal` - all are equal 
because everyone is cosmic. But in that sense the society is not 
structured. Society is structured in `same education to all`. 
Vedic structure, the constitution of the universe, right in the 
beginning  the first syllable of the constitution it says, four 
classes I am submitting, creating - four classes.
Four classes well defined: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudras. 
Wherever a man is the birthchart, Jyotish, will determine whether he 
belongs to number one, number two, number three, number four. 
It is the same thing determining what is the seed, whether it is a 
mango seed or guava seed or orange seed. What seed is it, that is 
the seed, put it to that soil and it will grow.
So education should be on broad terms. Four kinds of education in 
every country.
It is for the government to see that those custodians of pure 
knowledge (Brahmin), those who are born that way, they are educated 
that way. 
The others take recourse to knowledge and action, both together 
being in the junction point, like the Kshatriyas. 
Pure knowledge one side and knowledge mixed with action the other 
side, Kshatriyas. 
And action and action and action - Vaishyas, trades people, do the 
trade, fill the wealth in the society. 
And the others, creative people. Create, create the whole 
engineering. The whole field of construction on the gross level, the 
So Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras these are the four big 
broad classification of profession. And that is on the basis of who 
is born for what. The birthpoint is the soul point of determining. 
A child is born to do what - whether he is born to be an 
administrator, born to be an engineer, born to be the custodian of 
the constitution of the universe. That means born to be the 
custodian of pure knowledge or born to be knowledge and action 
together  or born to be action or born to be a engineer. Engineer 
creates. There is nothing and now he creates a mile of road in the 
sky - this is engineering. 
Where is the knowledge -  the knowledge is the same  where one 
section of society has a complete knowledge, generation after 
generation - a specialist in that economy: do everything without 
doing anything. The other one takes subrecourse to action, the other 
plunges into action, the other creates everything out of nothing - 
This is insight into the field of economy from the level of 
responsibility of a government and on the level of education..

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