Title: Third letter from a Purusha friend
I'm now in the blue city of Jodhpur in the deserts of Rajasthan. I've been traveling since Christmas and this is my first opportunity to email.  I’m going to plant my flag in Jodhpur for about a week, then I was going further into the desert to the city of Jaisalmer to further ponder the mysteries of life, but now I'm heading for the Brahmastan of India for January 12th. Just now I've felt the need to go, so go I shall.
I guess the big news from my end is that I’ve completed all 12 Jyotirlingas. I went to the one above Pune, which for the last 60 km was like riding over an open field inside a stagecoach, the road was so rough. By the time I made it there I was really not feeling very good and I still had to walk several hundred yards down the hill to the temple, which meant I had to walk back up that hill.  Anyway, I was determined to place my forehead on that linga, so I did and when I was sloooooly walking back up the hill I had one of the most profound experiences of my journey. I’m sorry buy I’m not ready to share this experience with anyone yet.  I then took a train from Pune to Dwarka because it was just too far to travel by car in one shot. Then early one morning we drove out to Jyotirlinga number 12. The temple sat by itself out on the plains and I reached there just as the sun was coming up over the plains of Gujarat. In the temple I was just happy. I just kept smiling during puja. There was a real level of fulfillment within me – I did it!!!  All 12.   
Then I took a car all the way across Gujarat to Udaipur in Rajasthan which is called the most romantic city in India, a lot of good that did me. It was really nice and if I had a hot woman and some money I'm sure it would have been romantic. But that was not to be, I was alone and only stayed one day then on to Jodhpur, all the time reflecting on my journey this past year and thinking, was that really me that did this? I still almost find it hard to believe that this has been my life for the past year and a half,  so incredibly amazing! I've really taken all of  India  into  my consciousness.

I'm very  happy.  The happiest  I've been  for the longest period of time since I've been in  India and it started with my visit to Jyotirlinga number 12.   I have so much more to tell you but you may have to wait until I can place  my entire journey into  a book which I'm going to start as soon as I can buy a notebook computer. I need to do this soon for I've outgrown Internet Cafes'. Just now I heard back from my main secret sponsor, he is going to buy me that computer for he really wants my book to be written. So it seems that part of this next phase of my journey will be devoted to the book.
Jai Guru Dev

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