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> In a message dated 4/8/06 3:04:07 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> be doing  now had Iraq not been 
> > invaded. With Iran  working on nukes   and delivery
> > systems, you think he might 
> > feel threatened and  justified with  pushing his own
> > nuclear program?
> Ah, with  what? Sand?
> Pete, we did remove hundreds of tons of yellow cake uranium.  And 
Saddam was 
> hell bent on getting the sanctions lifted. Had Hans Blix been as  
> about Saddam not being a threat to anybody as the Democratic party 
has  been for 
> the past three years, surely sanctions would have been lifted by 
now or  at 
> least in the near future by the UN.

You're awarethat Colin Powell and Condi Rice were saying that 
Saddam's threat was "contained" in early 2001, right?

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