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> Who is making this eternal journey? ...as the individuality myth 
> slowly unravels. If there is no individuality myth, there is no 
> eternal journey, just eternity, 
> Consciousness. (And if that is a "disappointment", a sense of loss of
> specific pleasures on the journey, then the enjoyer still lives -- the
> individuality myth still lives.

I was thinking of this in terms of the Bodhisattva Vow -- "May I
assist all sentient beings to attain Buddhahood, and may I be the last
one to attain Buddhahood when all sentient beings have attained

The myth of individuality remains as long as there are desires for
this or that or a particular outcome or experience to fuel the
illusion and myth of individuality. The latter (desire for
experiences) being, IMV, the paradox, joke and humor about "seeking
enlightenment" -- it is the desire and seeking, amongst possible other
things, that keep the myth of individuality alive. The desire or
attraction to experience might be earthly or celestial. Like vaj's
story of people visiting highly attractive lokas during bardo
retreats. The intense beauty and power of celestial realms can keep
the myth of individuality alive through its attractivness to be

The Bodhisattva Vow appears to be another means to keep the
individuality alive -- the vow taker, in time, may have resolved all
samskara, be perfected and liberated all but for that one last desire.
Its that on desire that keeps the individuality "together" to enable
work for all humankind.
In that one sense, Rory's admonishments to create your own defintion
of enlightenment makes sense. Ones deeper desires remaining, or
constructed, in the "last fling" or life of individuality can be at
any level. A "plain vanilla" adept may express quite an uncultured way
of life -- "culture" and  "being cultivated" being relative attributes
of the last-fling individual, not "absolute" qualities of the Absolute. 

Another adept may take a relative "vow" -- a strong desire to root out
all anger. This may become their final desire, all other desires are
extinguished prior to it. When this final desire is achieved, no
desires remain to fuel the myth of individuality. The adept is
liberated, but the current "individuals" body, social-self, intellect,
etc. remain for the duration of the "last-fling"life. 

That adept will live a state of non-anger with consciousness awake to
itself. The plain-vanilla adept with live the last fling-life with
consciousness awake to itself, and perhaps bouts of anger and other
"uncultivated" relative qualities. The non-anger adept "created" their
own flavor of the "last-fling" life. And those taking the Bodhisattva
Vow create their own flavor of their "last-fling" life -- as well as
the flavor of many lives prior to that -- living in a near-perfective
state, with many quite polished human virtues, with the small thread
of the vow keeping the myth of individuality alive, life after near
perfected life.

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