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> But has  anything really changed in Great Britian since the TMO
> officially  withdrew?
> JohnY
> JohnY no, I doubt it. I'm not talking about results, just  intentions. 
> Maharishi believes he can pull the rug out from under a nation or a
 community by 
> telling his TB's to either stop meditating or leave an area. He 
said on one 
> course back in the 70's that he just might tell us one day to stop 
> all together and we could shake the world or some such thing to get
> attention of governments or the people. This is what I'm referring
to. Not  actual 
> results but intentions. I think the Great Britain thing is just a
gentler  way 
> of doing this. He didn't actually tell anybody to stop meditating
just not  to 
> increase it's numbers any more.
Thanks - I've never heard him suggest stopping meditating to affect
mass consciousness. Although I don't think that would change the
general level of awareness for the 25+ year folks much, so it might
not affect things as expected. 


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