Cannibal priests!

Two Hindu priests were arrested in India after digging up the corpse
of an 18-month-old boy and eating half of it.

"After lopping off its head they devoured its heart, liver and other
soft organs, thinking the act would give them immense powers," said
Abhay Kumar Prasad, the Jaunpur police chief.

Locals called the police after they found the head of the child they'd
buried just three days before. In some parts of India they are, of
course, notoriously fond of beheading and child sacrifice.

"We have also found the half-eaten headless corpse after interrogating
these two men," Prasad said.

The priests, Brijvasi Mishra and Vishal Misra, are members of an
ancient Hindu cult associated with cannibalism.

Unless there's more than one such cult of baby-munchers -- which there
might be! -- chances are the men belong to the Aghori sect, which
holds that eating people will make you ageless and give you special

Filmmaker Sandeep Singh documented the lives of Aghori sadhus, or holy
men, in a short film called "Feeding on the Dead."

He waited with a sadhu for ten days before an available corpse came
floating down the Ganges river.

"The body was decomposed and bluish in color, but the sadhu was not
afraid about falling sick," said Singh.

"He sat on the corpse, prayed to a goddess of crematoriums and offered
some flesh to the goddess before eating it."

Singh did not see any evidence that the man gained any special powers
after eating part of the corpse's elbow.


Jody of Guruphiliac comments:

The blame for the whole brouhaha goes to the British, because before
they took over, you could find Aghora tantrikas wandering the
cremation grounds of India, devouring human remains and generally
minding their own business:

    The gruesome Aghoris of India are said to have been given human
flesh to eat at their initiations. This was generally choice pieces
filched from the cremation ground rather than specially cooked
morsels. Shri Ramakrishna, the Bengali Saint, is said to have
undertaken a similar initiation but shrank from actually eating the
human titbit. He satisfied the initiation rites by tasting it with the
tongue. The Aghoris took this meat to prove to themselves and others
that the concept of opposites "good and bad, nice and unpleasant (also
mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita)" only existed in the mind. The Lord
Shiva is also known by the name Aghora and meaning that there is
nothing really horrible, or can be in a world supported by delusion.

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