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> The Dangers of Pseudo-advaita
> by Aziz
> on the proliferation of "unqualified" Satsang Service Providers
> (Similar material from Aziz, annotated and linked, can be found at
> The Wanderling's site, but without the additional material at the


You can say what you want anon_stute, but the recent Satsang culture
has like nothing else popularized the essential Advaita doctrines, and
as such it can only be good in my eyes. Somebody may hear the truth
from a reader at the market-place and get awakened, like Bodhi-dharma
did. And lets face it: most people here are around a meditation path
already for decades. So leave it up to the appeal/resonance and the
results, how ready they are for the highest teaching. If they aren't
ready, and are just out for some emotional comforting, so let it be,
what's the harm? If you can't profit from this type of teaching, then
move on.

I also think that many Satsang givers haven't achieved the highest,
and are actually premature in teaching, but they will learn, and
people around them can still profit. My point is, they are discussing
the truth, and there can't be anything wrong about that. (Even though
it is always conceptual) OTOH it is clear that there had to be an
uproar of resistence to the direct highest teaching. Simply because
most people aren't ready for it. ;-)

The Advaita culture, for one, doesn't talk about coming catastrophies
(or mass-enlightenment at a ceratin date), is truely democratic and
anti-hierarchical in its nature. And as we all know, the validity of
any teacher has nothing to do with the type of teaching. That is,
there are equally many 'wrong' teachers outside of  the Satsang
culture.Its anti-cultish, and doesn't teach obscure tantric practises
(physical immortality, special pills etc.etc.)

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