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> Since we're talking about movies, check out Baghdad Café.
> Everybody's has it if you're in town. 
> http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/bagdad_cafe/
> Delightful movie.

I just finished watching 'The Contender' for the
third time so I could review it.  If you haven't
seen this film, you really should.  It's one of
the best films ever on the subject of ethics 
and how ethics are most important when they're

Joan Allen (nominated for an Oscar for her perform-
ance in this film) plays a US Senator just nominated
as a fill-in for the recently-deceased Vice President.
The story revoves around her confirmation and some
past sexual improprieties that she is accused of.

Jeff Bridges (also nominated for an Oscar) gives a
brilliant performance as the President.  Christian
Slater plays a young Senator who is on the wrong side
while believing he's doing the right thing. Kathryn
Morris just steals every scene she is in as an uppity
FBI agent.  And Gary Oldman (nominated for a Golden
Globe award for his performance and Executive Director
of the film) turns in one of the best performances 
of his lifetime as Evil Incarnate.

This film is the cinematic counterpart of the Zen
Master Hakuin "Is that so?" koan.  It's a must-see,
in my opinion.  

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