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> > > > See above.  You're just making excuses.
> > > 
> > > No, I was assuming that people were learning because of 
> > > recent news on the subject. 
> > 
> > Faulty assumption, probably made because you have
> > a rather unhealthy reliance on science, taught to
> > you by the TMO.  :-)
> No, just an assumption that people decide to do things 
> because they hear something about other people doing 
> things. It's called "advertising," though it doesn't 
> need to be organized by the people with the "product."

Lawson, wake up and smell the soma.

You think this way because you've dealt for thirty
years with people who treated meditation as a *product*.
They're trying to make *money* by *selling* this 
product. That's all they're interested in; that's 
all they've *ever* been interested in.

The Buddhists are treating meditation as a valuable
resource that is priceless.  They believe it should
*never* be sold, and so they pay for all the costs of 
teaching themselves, so that it can be made available
free as a *service*, NOT a "product."

People off the street actually *respond* to this.
Whereas when they get the vibe of a bunch of money-
grubbers trying to justify an unconscionable price
for something they've turned into a "product,"
they're turned off.

YOU reflect the TM mindset.  You really can't even
*conceive* of meditation as anything but a product
any more.

> > > Why are people learning Buddhist meditation NOW, 
> > > rather than 5 years ago, do you suppose or have 
> > > the number of people starting remained constant?
> > 
> > Probably because they look around and see that most
> > of the people around them aren't happy and fulfilled.  
> > And then they look at these Buddhist teachers, and 
> > see that they are happy and fulfilled. Simple as that.
> But why now and not 5 years ago?

You said they weren't learning five years ago.  I 
didn't agree with you.  They were.  They always
have been.  There has been a steady influx of people
coming to this organization to learn meditation for
free since it was started.  The only difference 
lately is that they've been offering lectures and 
classes at the university, closer to where the 
students actually are.

You're just in knee-jerk mode, trying (once again)
to assert that TM is "better" than other techniques,
and trying to find some way to explain why people
are attracted to Tibetan Buddhist meditation and
not attracted to TM.  Well duh...just LOOK at the
two different organizations, the people who repre-
sent those organizations, and how they present 
themselves and what they have to offer.  One is 
all about selfless service and offering a service
for free, and the other is all selfish self-interest
and making money by selling a product.

It's really as simple as that.  No amount of pseudo-
science about TM the product is EVER going to be able 
to wash away the bad taste that the public gets from
those who have turned a valuable service *into* a 

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