On Apr 13, 2006, at 5:13 AM, sparaig wrote:

> >
> > So what's their secret?  The instructors teach for
> > free, and in fact pay for all the expenses involved
> > themselves.  They consider it their dharma to do so.
> Sure, but how many of their students are going to keep at it for
> 10,000 to 50,000 hours of practice over 15-40 years? This being how
> long the advanced meditators who were tested in the recent Buddhist
> study had been meditating.

Really not that much different from a purusha or MD or a hard core  

> Another interesting thing to note is that while there was an
> accumulative effect DURING meditation based on how long the
> meditators had been practicing, this didn't translate into a
> significant difference in EEG outside meditation between short and
> long-term meditators, unlike the case with long-term TM meditators.

Maybe that's why some continue twitching after program and can't  
stop? Perhaps they've identified this mechanism which causes  
neurological damage in some people practicing TM and the TMSP--an  
inability to stop or be flexible in activity?

I'd love to see a study on that! It would be interesting to know how  
many suffered neurological damage from the TMSP. Has the TMO ever  
done any research on the Tourette's-like symptoms it can cause?

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