--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A company called VisiCorp invented the spreadsheet
> and marketed it. Their product -- VisiCalc -- basically
> created the entire PC revolution; people used to walk
> into the early computer stores saying, "I want a VisiCalc."
> The clerks would say, "No, what you want is a computer,
> on which you can run VisiCalc."  And the customer would
> say, "Whatever.  Just sell me a VisiCalc."
> They had the market pretty much cornered, just like the
> TMO did with meditation in the early days.  For a while
> there, back in the late 60's and most of the 70s, if
> you thought meditation, you thought Transcendental
> Meditation.  TM had become the VisiCalc of meditation.
> And then, on the VisiCorp side, the founders of the
> company got greedy and complacent and lost touch with
> their customer base.  They doubled and tripled the price
> of their product without adding any new features, and
> reduced the quality of their after-sale customer service.
> Along came Lotus, and within a year or two VisiCorp was
> bankrupt, no longer even a player in the market.
> (As an aside, since I was there for this particular
> debacle, when VisiCorp went belly up, Ashton-Tate did
> the stupidest thing ever done in the history of business
> and hired VisiCorp's whole upper management team to
> replace president George Tate, who had thoughtlessly
> died on them.  Within a year and a half, the geniuses 
> who had driven VisiCorp into bankruptcy had driven 
> Ashton-Tate into bankruptcy, too.)
> (As another aside, after Lotus -- started by a TMer --
> stole the entire spreadsheet market away from VisiCorp,
> *it* got lazy and complacent and out of touch with its
> customer base and lost the entire market to Microsoft
> and Excel, as well.)

....Yes, an excellent comparison. But you forgot to 
mention OpenOffice and their spreadsheet; fewer 
features but all that one needs is there for $0.00.

Your metaphor breaks down in one respect. TM is a
very much better product than others available if 
obtained with the checking support which originally
came as standard (and now may not do so). Many of
TM's competitors are simply crap.

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