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> The Universe indicates the existence of God but neither gives the 
> information of God nor the experience of God. After realising the 
> existence of God, you can experience God through some item of the 
> creation into which God entered. The best item of the Universe is 
> the human being through which you can experience God and also 
> clarify your doubts with God directly. If God exist in every human 
> being, every human being should clarify your doubts. Infact since 
> you are also one of the human beings and since God is in yourself 
> also, you should clarify your own doubts, which means that you 
> should not get any doubt and therefore no human being should have 
> any doubt. Therefore, God enters into a specific human being only 
> like Krishna or Jesus etc., who can alone clarify all your doubts 
> and through whom alone you can experience God.
> If God exists in space, this means God is existing in this 
> If God is present in the Universe, the Universe cannot be a 
> object of entertainment to God. Veda says that this Universe is 
> created for His entertainment (Ekaki Na …..). If you are present 
> the cinema and become the cinema by pervading all over the cinema, 
> the cinema is not a separate object for you and therefore cannot 
> give entertainment to you. If you are the spectator of the cinema, 
> you should be separate from the cinema. You are the separate 
> and the cinema is separate object. If the subject and object are 
> and the same, there is no existence of object at all. It means God 
> did not create this universe. If the creation is absent, there is 
> entertainment to God. This leads to the inability of God to create 
> separate object for His entertainment. Such inability makes God 
> impotent and then God cannot be omnipotent. Therefore, the 
> existence of the Universe in which God is not present, must be 
> accepted to avoid all these contradictions.
> at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
> surya
> www.universal-spirituality.org
the contradiction is resolved through the realization of the 
personal God and His Creation, the impersonal God. God in 
everything, and everything in God.   

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