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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer <fairfieldlife@> 
> wrote:
> >
> > on 4/15/06 6:49 PM, authfriend at jstein@ wrote:
> > > 
> > > Does he really intimidate you folks that badly?
> > > Are you so afraid of him jumping on you if all
> > > you do is chide us *equally*?
> > 
> > This idiotic feud will end whenever either of you decides not to 
> participate
> > in it any more. Apparently, neither of you is capable of this. If 
> either of
> > you were living fully in the present, you wouldn't harbor past 
> grudges and
> > the situation wouldn't continue.
> It really amazes me that you, Rick, and so many
> other intelligent people on this forum can't see
> what's actually going on here right under your
> noses.
> No wonder Bush is president and the Republicans
> control Congress.

Oh come on Judy. This is like something I remember your writing years
ago, probably on alt.med.tm, when someone made some kind of
comparison to the Nazis, which really seemed to push yout buttons and
when I read your chastising of the person who made the comparison I
thought it was a good thing to let the person know just how out of
whack their comparison was.

I think that this is a case where you just "can't see
the forest for the trees" because the thing that is obvlous to
everyone is how ridiculous this endless bickering between you and
Barry is. I cannot believe how many posts you two have gone at it for
as many years as I've read FF Life and alt.med.tm prior. 

Rick's point is well taken. One of you simply needs to stop paying
complete and total attention to the other. No one would think less of
whichever one of you stops (we couldn't think less of you than we
already do, HA!) 

You're usually very insiteful but in this instance, you are not.

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