--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Marek Reavis" 
> Judy (if you're reading this), can you imagine *anything* that might
> prompt you to moderate your posts re Barry?

I've already made it clear, I thought, what would
prompt me to do that: (1) If Barry would make a major,
good-faith effort to be honest, fair, and objective
and refrain from including insults in his posts; or
(2) failing that, if others would call him on his
falsehoods, unfairness, bias, and insulting remarks.

  There was a couple of
> days a few days back when both you and Barry pretty much just posted
> stuff of more or less general interest on a number of topics and it
> was very refreshing (from my POV).  I understand, however, that you
> feel that he indirectly slammed you in some of the posts

The only way it could be said to be "indirect" is
that he didn't mention my name.  Otherwise, it was
about as direct a slam as it gets: he made it
crystal clear that he was attacking a post I had made.

And then in a subsequent post he *lied* about it and
called me a "paranoid obsessive" for thinking he was
referring to my post.

> and your
> comments regarding those have brought us back around again to this
> group discussion re you and he.
> But, perhaps you would consider commenting on all of Barry's posts 
> in a weekly compendium?

I don't know if this is meant to be serious or sarcastic.
If you're serious, I have to say I don't think it's at all

  It would allow those who do follow your comments
> re him to have that input and, for that matter, it would allow Barry
> to, in turn, comment dispositively on your ombudsmanship in a weekly
> rebuttal.
> It would certainly be a restriction on unfettered, real-time 
> for both of you but it would address most everyone's concerns, 
> Barry's, and the general readership.  Just a suggestion.

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