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>... I stand by my original point -- ANYONE who can justify
> *forcing* people to follow his or her spiritual beliefs,
> for *ANY* reason, has crossed a boundary from inspired
> believer into the realm of dangerous fanatic.  Maharishi
> crossed that boundary many years ago.
Amma agrees with you; she says "one way for all is dangerous" 

and even when finally she allowed the Swamis to teach "a technique" 
She Herself never promoted it from my experience of 5 months at Her 
Ashram; the technique was offered for free; there were several 
courses set up; devotees could take it or not; after that, practice 
it or not;

Her big teaching is that anything done with love will bring spiritual 
fruit and anything done without love, even meditation, will not bring 
spiritual fruit.

And BTW, there is a technique that is much much more effortless than 

It is LOVE.

After hugging 30,000 in 22 hours, someone asked if Amma was tired. 
Amma replied "where there is LOVE, there is NO EFFORT"

NO EFFORT while actively hugging devotees; not simply sitting with 
eyes closed, etc. Amma does inspire( not promote, but inspire from 
within ) selfless-service a lot as well as many many spiritual 
practices of people's choosing.

Just something to contemplate.



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