--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer 
> on 4/17/06 1:27 AM, TurquoiseB at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > I stand by my original point -- ANYONE who can justify
> > *forcing* people to follow his or her spiritual beliefs,
> > for *ANY* reason, has crossed a boundary from inspired
> > believer into the realm of dangerous fanatic.  Maharishi
> > crossed that boundary many years ago.
> I missed the post about the Catholic Church forcing people 
> to attend mass, and about the comparison with the TMO, if 
> that was made...

Post 94839

> ...but Maharishi did used to "joke" about forcing people 
> to meditate. 

He did more than joke about it. When several of the 
TM-in-prison programs were being proposed back in the
70s, Maharishi wanted us to demand that prisoners
*had* to learn TM. As I remember Jerry Jarvis nixed 
this, because of course the State of California would 
never have agreed to any study that was mandatory.

> I think it was during the Wilshire-Ebell lectures in LA 
> back in 1968 or so in which he talked about meditation 
> police who would apprehend people on the street who appeared
> unhappy. 

It almost sounds benevolent, because so many of us 
had essentially pleasant experiences with vanilla
TM.  The tendency is to think, "Oh that's not really
religious fanaticism...it's just TM, after all."

But imagine that the person being forced to learn
and practice it is yourself, and that the technique
that has gained politically-correct favor enough to
be made mandatory is Scientology. Or Subud. Or for
those who are, in true TM fashion, terrified of any
technique that involves effort, some form of meditation 
that actually required you to focus. How would you 
feel about how benevolent these "meditation police"
might be?  How funny is the joke then?

> Also, his courting of dictators implies something of 
> this nature. He obviously wanted the dictators to get 
> all their people to meditate. 


> He must have considered how they would go about doing 
> this. 

Here I disagree with you.  I doubt he ever paid the
mechanics of how this would happen any mind whatsoever, 
because he really never *cared* about the people who 
would be forced to learn TM. What they wanted and what 
they believed was irrelevant, not to be considered...all 
that was important "for the greater good" is that they 
practice TM. Maharishi wouldn't have concerned himself
with the details as long as the bottom line was what
he wanted.

> There have been many attempts to get large numbers to 
> meditate in factories, schools, etc., in which the 
> actual willingness of individuals to go along with 
> the plan was the last thing on his mind.

Absolutely. In my experience, he would consider the
sensibilities of the people involved irrelevant.

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