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> >> And don't forget Marcos.
> > 
> > Seems to me that project worked just fine.  People
> > started meditating, started thinking more coherently
> > as a result, and promptly ejected Marcos from power.
> I was there. Many did start meditating. Some became teachers. Some
> are still teaching and are even on Purusha. Many wonderful people 
> there. But we were locked in our hotel for a month as mobs 
> protested our presence in the street below. There was a fatal fire 
> or suspicious origin in one of our hotels. I wouldn't jump to the 
> conclusion that our activities resulted in Marcos' ejection. In 
> fact, Maharishi did all he could to throw his support behind Marcos.

I said in another post, with reference to Marcos, that
correlation didn't imply causation.

I don't have the foggiest whether TM was the reason for
Marcos being ejected, or whether it was on its way to
happening anyway.  If TM was the reason, I have no idea
whether whether MMY expected that outcome, or whether
it came as a surprise.  If it was a surprise, I have no
idea whether it was pleasant or unpleasant.

But based on what little I know of the episode--including
what you write above--I don't think one can unequivocally
rule TM out as the cause of Marcos's downfall; I don't
think we can assume with any certainty that the project
was a "failure," if the goal was to improve the lot of
the people of the Philippines (at least for a while).

I don't think the protests say anything at all about
whether TM was the cause.  That MMY threw his support
behind Marcos *may* say something about what MMY
expected, or maybe not; I don't know the specifics of
that support (and I'd be interested to hear more if
you care to share it).

My real point in all this is what it usually is--simply
that, objectively speaking, the extreme negative view
of MMY is no more certain than the extreme positive view.

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