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>                                                   Aura Photos Taken
Before and After Deekshas      Submitted 17 April 2006 by: Maya
Adelaide, South Australia
>       Jennifer  and I are deeksha givers currently living and
working in Adelaide,  South Australia. On Saturday 8th of April 2006
we carried out an  experiment to see what happens to a person's aura
before and after  receiving enlightenment deekshas, with a few taken
during deeksha.  Fellow deeksha givers and recipients were invited to
take part in this  fun and curious event and the results proved very
"The aura photographs shown in this article were taken with an aura
simulation camera that works from the galvanic skin response taken
from the hands. ***The sensor scans and measures the vibrational rate
that the energy field gives out through the meridian points of the
hands. This response is transferred into the camera's computer
component and translated into colours that make up the vibrational
rate.*** This special camera first takes a picture of the person then
superimposes the auric image over the first image. This then becomes
an aura photograph."

Have to know a great deal more about 'scans and measures the
vibrational rate' before you can say if these indicate anything about
'deeksha' at all.


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