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> > I think it was Chogyam Trungpa who said:  "Those who
> > have no spiritual reality are suckers for spiritual
> > fantasy."
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> Right, which is why you posted that you saw Frederick Lenz
> move the stars around in the sky (Lenz's schtick was to have
> people stare at  him until they hallucinated:
> http://skepdic.com/rama.html ).

The thing is, Bob, I really saw it. It was *my* experience.
I didn't have to read about it in New Age Fantasy Comix. :-)

Whether a video camera would have recorded what I say is
an open question, one I have no answer for. However, since
I *was* there and know that there was no truth in the "he
had people stare at him until they hallucinated" claim,
it's still an interesting experience to have had, whatever
it might have been.

When was the last time *you* saw someone levitate or
disappear or move the stars around, Bob?  Tell us all
about your *personal* experiences with such things, eh.
For that matter, tell us about the last time your
meditation was about anything but sitting there lost
in thoughts...  :-)

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