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> It's not Barry's purported experience with levitation
> that folks find annoying, it's his pretensions to
> spiritual superiority on the grounds of having had
> such experiences.
> Jim related some amazing experiences of prolonged
> communication with Guru Dev awhile back.  I don't
> recall that having pushed anybody's buttons.  But
> then Jim didn't pretend those experiences made him
> superior to anybody else.

Don't you think Judy, that when people say they "communicate" with
someone we has left the body, it can viewed sympathetically as a
sweet subjective experience.  One of those warm and fuzzies, with no
way to prove or disprove.  Witnessing levitation would be more
of, "it happened, or it didn't" kind of thing.  Something which
theoretically could be verified. I don't recall Jim's experience,
but I wouldn't think it would be likely to stir up as much


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