shempmcgurk wrote:

>I love the way people are so angy with the oil companies.
>I myself think that the oil companies should embark on a campaign of
>purposely gouging consumers.
>Let the price go up to $7.00 a gallon!  Ha-ha!
>It will only be then that people will start to use less and dump their
>gas-guzzling SUVs.
>And, most importantly, we can get around to developing alternative
>Can't do it without the $7.00 a gallon price...

I would like to see a windfall profits tax on the oil companies.  I
don't mind the price of gas going up if it is from taxes to improve
roadways, bridges and make mass transit more ubiquitous.  And those
taxes should not be golden goose for gouging contractors either and they
should ONLY be used for transportation projects.  The scariest thing is
to see some mindless woman aiming her Ford Expedition or Lincoln
Navigator while blathering on her cellphone.  I think we should make
thought vehicles require truck licensing and take away the tax break on

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