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> > I was also wondering what exactly was so spiritually
> > transformative about observing levitation- I mean if
> > it really happened.
> Finally, a point worth dealing with.
> It's because it makes you deal with your own
> perceptions and analyze them in a way that most
> people never have to or get to.
> Let's say you see something like levitation,
> and no one else is around. But you saw it.
> NOW you've got something interesting going
> on for you that you didn't have the day before.
> You have an experience that you can NEVER, in
> any circumstance, convince others that it
> happened, or was true. It's subjective. If a
> video camera had been there at the time you
> saw it, it might have recorded what you saw
> and it might not. You'll never know.
> All you know is that you saw what you saw.
> Now you get to deal with that, and decide
> whether to trust your own experience or not.
> That's a remarkable gift, in my opinion.
> Most people don't ever get to deal with it,
> certainly not those whose closest relationship
> to paranormal phenomenona is reading about them.
> Having such an experience doesn't make you any
> better than anyone else. Having to DEAL WITH
> having had such an experience, IMO, makes one
> a bit more interesting. Those are the kinds of
> people I'm looking for to have conversations
> with.
> There are a few people here on FFL who have
> had such subjective experiences, whether it be
> of odd phenomena or their own subjective exper-
> iences of higher states of consciousness.  I like
> dealing with them *because* I can identify with
> the changes that their subjective experiences and
> learning to trust them have put them through.
> The rest of the people strike me as pretty boring,
> actually. I mean, LOOK at them! THEIR approach to
> levitation and such things is that they want it
> to be a scientific, measurable phenomenon so that
> there is NO challenge to them when they finally
> observe it -- it'll be just like everything else
> in their lives.  Fuckin' wimps, if you ask me...  :-)

And just as a quick followup, I probably won't
be around here that much longer anyway, because
the wimps seem to have succeeded in silencing
most of the interesting people.

You'll notice that most of the people who *have*
had interesting experiences of higher states of
consciousness or of extraordinary phenomena
rarely, if ever, talk about them any more. Jim's
about the only one who dares to brave the boring,
terrified turd-throwers any more. Rory's silent,
Tom's mainly silent, and a few people have left

The bottom line, as I see it, is that the wimps
have WON, *especially* after the migration of a
couple of compulsive-poster wimps from alt.m.t.
Those two, together with anon_couscous and a
few others who don't even have the balls to use
their own names here, have made Fairfield Life
a distinctly UNFRIENDLY environment in which to
talk about one's own spiritual experiences.

In other words, they've turned it into the TM

What's to stick around for?

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