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> > > Ok here's one. Around 1983 or so I had an experience that may have
> > > been hovering. I can't be absolutely certain, but it met my own
> > self
> > > tests at the time. Practicing the flying sutra, during a period of
> > > lots of other clear subtle relative experience, aura's, OBE,
> > > kundalini, long distance hearing, seeing some of it verified.
> > During
> > > the levitation the inner experience was so blissful the floating
> > part
> > > was incidental. I did put both hands under me to check and the body
> > > was 4 - 6 inches off the bed, for more than a few seconds, full or
> > > half lotus, I can't remember. Then the inner experience absorbed my
> > > outer awareness and sometime later I came out. Nice, I know it's
> > > possible. Van I prove it? - No, don't have any pictures, and it
> > > hasn't happened again, yet.
> >
> > Cool. Thanks for posting your experience. It takes
> > some guts to do so on this forum.
> >
> I've always been reluctant to post experiences here,

Possible because several fear spinners paint such a distorted picture
of FF. Particularly "recent shows" -- here less than a year. FFL has a
pretty extensive history, if you go back in the archives, of
discussion of experiences over its close to five year history.

Where things got a bit strange -- 2-3 years ago -- long before recent
shows -- is when questions were repeated asked about experiences, and
sometimes about apparent contradictions. And diversions and
generalities were the primary response. With the seeming lack of
willingness or inability for some posters to address contradictions,
questioning by some, including myself, questioning slowly transormed
from uber polite and respectful, to became more focussed, even blunt,
to the point of exasperation. After a while, some posters were just
not taken too seriously. Over time, after some history of posts, some
discussions surely fell below auspicious levels. That in itself is a
learning process, IMO, IME.

Other experience posters who are actually open to discussing their
posts --not a "take it or leave it" post, have been questioned and
their experinces discussed quite respectfully. Your experience seems
interesting and straightforward. I don't anticipate any negative or
skeptical responses. We all have had experiences that are hard to

An aside, personally I don't consider experiences related to siddhis
to be particularly spiritual. To me spiritual is Consciousness
experiencing Itself. Other stuff is superficial. Some hold that even
observing a sidhi, or possibly hallucinating it, is a high spiritual
experience. I don't concur and find such claims rather odd if not
silly. Still they can raise some interesting questions about cognitive

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