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> > > Which would mean that the system is highly accepted, that is people
> > > would actually vote
> >
> >
> > Well, even 30-40% voting is quite large -- both in absolute numbers,
> > and as a compared to good sample sizes (which are much smaller).
> >
> > If the voters are diverse (different regions, incomes, educations,
> > family backgrounds, occupations, etc, and independent (less than
> > 10%-20%of voters listen to Fox News, Rush or PBS Newshour) then the
> > wisdom of crowds manifests. Thus the % of voters is less an issue --
> > but the concentration of media is.
> Right, yet I was refering to votes at Y-groups, if you wanted to apply
> the same here.

Well, if you, Vaj, Rick, Mark, Ken H, Barry, Judy, sparaig, Peter S. ,
Shemp, Jim, Unstressor, Sal, Wayback, and I etc. voted regularly, a
fairly diverse and independent set of views would be represented.

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