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> T3rinity writes:
> It will be hard for any outsider to know. This text, I just found
> the net is instructive:
> "The nondual state of Nirbija-samadhi is often upheld as the
> state. However, nonduality is the polar opposite of duality. it is
> therefore also a function of duality. Liberation is going beyond
> duality to transcendental awareness. Here the nonduality of
> the duality of nonduality are experienced and transcended. This
> requires the cleansing process of dharma-megha-samadhi , where this
> conundrum is dramatically manifest. Nirbija-samadhi is NOT the
> of accomplished practice. It only occurs within practice when
there is
> spontaneous surrender of the practice and practiser, which depends
> the orientation underlying practice. This results more and more
> frequently from exhaustion of the misplaced faith in the activities
> available to the will, which in turn strengthens the orientation to
> surrender. Nirbija-samadhi is a natural progression from
> sabija-samadhi once the sense of self has begun to lose its power.
> often occurs spontaneously in life as a result of the direct and
> spaciousness cultivated in the mind by practice."
> http://www.angelfire.com/indie/anna_jones1/samadhi2.html#N1
> The text goes on: "DHARMAMEGA: "Cloud of Dharma." In the very last
> section of the Yogasutra: within the Kaivalya Pada it describes a
> condition immediately preceding kaivalya itself called
> dharma-mega-samadhi. Accordingly, the text infers dharma-mega-
> contains and encompasses all that can be known, just as a cloud
> the sky. And just as rain quenches the thirsting earth, so this
> "cloud" pours down the rain of the Dharma and exstinguishes the
> fire of all kinds of instability."
> Reminds me of the description of Brahman as that by which
> else becomes known.
> Tom T:
> Exactly. Like that, like that.
Really good commentary here- very practical minded and achievable by
*anyone*. Also really clear and accurate exposition of the dynamics.

I especially appreciated the distinction between the accomplishment
of the state [of liberation, of Dharma] NOT due to accomplished
practice, but rather due to the exhaustion "of the misplaced faith
in the activities available to the will, which in turn strengthens
the orientation to surrender." That is what its all about.

Last and lightly, interesting term: mega. Very MEGA!

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