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And why do 
> TMer descriptions of CC, GC or UC seldom venture beyond what
> been told? Was this meant to be a built-in test in and of itself?

Although I've never heard "officially", yeah, I think the
definitions of CC, GC and UC have been misintepreted in one
fundamental way, and that is that there is a clean cut progression
from established CC, then to established GC and then to established
UC. And that each of them constitute an enlightened state in and of

And this gets back to the thing Mahesh said about the teacher
speaking from his POV or state of consciousness (would that be
SOC??), and his teachings being interpreted by the students'

There is a super-state which encompasses all of the CC, GC and UC,
which some refer to Brahman, but which I'll call Tiddly-Winks, and
this Tiddly-Winks is the fulfillment of CC, GC, and UC, none of
which are an end state, but contain a fundamental and necessary
component of Tiddly-Winks.

So the seeker can make the mistake of attempting to sustain and make
permanent the states of CC, silence and activity experienced
together, GC, seeing the finest relative phenomenon as a result of
sense refinement, and UC, unity vs relativity predominating the
view, when in fact the fulfillment of each comes about only when we
achieve Tiddly-Winks.

So looking backwards in a sense, having already achieved Tiddly-
Winks, a Seer may cognize the relative steps, the foundational
accomplishments, those of CC, GC, and UC, that the seeker must
necessarily attain in order to sustain the state of Tiddly-Winks.

The seeker instead hears these, and having gained a glimpse of one
or many of the hallmarks of each of these states, may mistake the
relative achievement of CC or GC or UC as the goal, instead of the
proper action of not taking such experiences too seriously and
instead remaning focused on the true goal of Tiddly-Winks.

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