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> > > A sentient man-made robot/machine would be mind
> > > boggling. If it was intelligent, watch out! So many
> > > possibilities to consider.
> >
> > The disturbing thing to me is that the sceintists in AI who are
> > *seriously* talking about robot species are not talking about
> > initially uploading the entire consciousness of a human to the
> > robot, but merely the instinctual, thinking mind. No higher
> > intellect, no fine discriminating intellect (buddhi) and no
> > conscience. At one of the first Mind and Life conferences the
> > Dalai Lama stated that once some material matrix becomes
> > available to hold consciousness, consciousness will be able
> > to incarnate into this new species. And of course by the time
> > we get to that stage, the ability to self-replicate, a
> > relatively mechanical process, will have already been
> > mastered.
> >
> > There are a number of yogis who have talked of future Buddhas who
> > appear to be made of some silicon or crystalline material.
> >
> > We will already, quite soon, have computers the size of cells.
> > Injectable. It's coming sooner than we think.
> But true AI is never gonna happen. I work with some
> of the best AI nerds in the world, and they can't even
> delineate the problem, much less propose a approach
> to solving it. It's a pipe dream.

If it can be imagined, it can happen.

Wait till someone learns how to produce, measure and control prana. 
To a large extent the preliminary research on this was already 
started until the researcher who developed it was jailed by the FDA 
and all his books burned in the late 50's. Fortunately for us his 
research was all sequestered in a time capsule at Harvard for 50 years.

That 50 years is "up" next year.

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