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> Barry:
> I don't read all of your posts only because I don't have the time
> to. Of those that I read, I do so because I admire your writing
> skills, particularly your ability to express the unique and
> interesting ways in which you view the world. 
> You are also an "honest" writer.  What I mean by that is your
> writing comes off as reflecting your inner thoughts very well;
> you're able to put into concrete words very abstract concepts that
> obviously exist on a deep level of your mind. Not many people can
> bring those out to the surface in such a clear, concise and oh-so-
> entertaining way.

I'd suggest that very few of Barry's "concepts"
are all that deep, actually, when you look at
them closely.  Barry works very hard to make them
*sound* deep, and because he has writerly skills,
he often succeeds if you just read his posts

They also look a lot more shallow when you realize
how much inconsistency and illogic there is among
these "deep" concepts.

They don't stem from underlying principles, in
other words; they are constructed opportunistically
to fill the need of the moment.  The need in
question is usually to put somebody down and exalt
himself, whatever the context.

> But it is this very characteristic at honesty that sometimes gives
> you away.  What I mean by that is your tendency to embellish.  When
> you are in the midst of expressing one of your wonderful thoughts
> or points, I suggest you will fill in a gap with an embellishment
> of the subject at hand.  It becomes too convenient for you to
> perhaps squeeze in a made-up tidbit instead of doing otherwise. 
> You fall into temptation...especially when the tidbit, completely
> under your control, can be shaped and formed exactly as you want it
> to be.

Words are more important to Barry than reality.
If he can figure out a way to say something
elegantly and forcefully, it doesn't *matter*
to him whether it's true or not or even whether
it makes any sense logically.  He constructs his
world with his writing, and whatever he writes
*becomes* his reality.

> But it is your inherent honesty that gives you away.  Because when
> you do embellish, it is an obvious break from your normal train
> of "honest" writing; when it happens the "something is off" red
> light goes off quite easily and it then stands out like a sore
> thumb.

I think that's the real Barry trying to get out
from under all the protective defense mechanisms
and phoniness.  On a conscious level, he doesn't
give a fig about honesty, he cares only about
making himself look good at that particular
moment and in that particular context.

> Ironically, I think you're lucky because unlike Stephen Glass whose
> editors let him get away with it, you have a Judy Stein looking
> over your shoulder virtually every crossed T and dotted I that you
> write and she won't let you get away with anything.
> She keeps you kosher.

Well, let's say that I try to see to it that the
"Not kosher" label keeps getting applied when

Staying kosher is not a priority for Barry in any

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