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> on 4/29/06 12:16 PM, shempmcgurk at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >>> Do you want them to leave Iraq and then go to Darfur?
> >>
> >> There's no oil there. Why in the world would we want to go?
> >>
> >> But actually, yes. I'd rather see billions spend on humanitarian
> > issues than
> >> on bombing a country to smithereens after we've starved them
> > (sanctions) for
> >> decades.
> >>
> >
> >
> > So, if I understand your "yes" above correctly, you would like
> > U.S. troops to go to Darfur and use military action there?
> Possibly, but I don't like playing arm chair politician. If I were
in a
> position to totally immerse myself in these issues and had some
influence on
> polity decisions, I might form an opinion very different than one
I might
> shoot from the hip from my current perspective. In general though,
I favor
> humanitarian over military action as an instrument of foreign
policy. And in
> terms of the oil problem, I recommend we stop quibbling over
> resources such as The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and spending
> of billions on wars to secure oil we may never lay hands on, and
shift the
> whole paradigm to energy independence. If Bush had done that
instead of
> pursuing this war, he might have been remembered as one of our
> presidents, instead of our worst, as will probably be the case
(see cover
> story in this month's Rolling Stone).

Gee, is that the Rolling Stone cover story before or after their
Britney Spears cover?

Ya know, I don't think I depend on Rolling Stone for my political

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