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>       If I remember correctly, Bush.jr did make a
> point in his meeting with the Chinese premier on
> democracy.
>       The priorities of the cold war made Nixon
> resume diplomatic ties with China.  Something had to
> be done to counter Soviet-Union, that was the first
> priority.
>       But, it was really Henry kissinger's idea.  He
> feigned illness in Pakistan and a handwritten note
> from Yahaya khan in pakistan to Zhou EnLai was taken
> by Kissinger to China.
>       But, remember, Nixon was undecided till the
> very last moment, to choose between India and China.
>    During a chat between Zhou EnLai and Nixon,
> EnLai asked Nixon, "Have you read Nehru's book
> 'discovery of india"?  Kissinger sensed that Nixon
> had not read that book.  So he immediately butted
> in, "He was thinking of a great indian empire.!!!"
>       Immediately EnLai also butted in and said,
> "Yes Yes, He was thinking of an great indian empire
> from Malayasia to Ceylon to Afghanistan and it would
> probably include our tibet as well."  Nixon tilted
> towards China.
>       But the whole project was Kissinger's doing.

Typical Jew! Probably got it wholesale!

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