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> >  In NYC you can get an unlimited monthly transit pass, good in all
> five
> > boroughs, for $76. I found it be extremely easy to get around NYC
> with
> > no car. Between walking, buses, subways, you can get absolutely
> > anywhere. It takes a while to get the routes down but then you click
> > into gear.
> Wherebouts do you go, and for what?  I'm a midwesterner who recently
> visited NYC, but I'm just curious how someone in heavy urban setting
> does errands, etc, as opposed to someone in less urban setting.
> lurk
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A lot of planning goes into shopping in the city. You have to do it in
*layers" so to speak. You know which places you want to shop for
different things. So you plan your week based on which neighborhoods
you're going to. For example, you live lower east side and were
traveling to upper west side to go to Fairway Market
(http://www.fairwaymarket.com/index.cfm?Area=Locations) or Zabar's
just a couple of blocks further north on Broadway. Perhaps you just
need some gourmet cheese and you're also meeting Lauren (Bacall) for a
cup of coffee. You wait until you are done with all your hobnobbing
(Lauren likes to talk). You grab your groceries, make certain you have
your canvas shopping bag, go shopping, and work your way back
southeast via 3 different subways. If it's early enough in the day and
the weather is nice enough, you may walk a station stop or two above
ground. The 1/2/3 subway station is about 2 blocks away. You can also
head to 72nd and take a cross-town bus and then a number of different
subways. I've made it back with four full shopping bags with no
problems. It's a hassle, to be sure, but if you get in the groove of
city life it is enjoyable (in better weather of course!).

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